it’s thyme for maple bacon brussels sprouts


we’ve decided to write a little ode to our favorite vegetable.

oh brussels sprout,
you are the best.
when you’re gone, we pout.
you are better than the rest.

you are healthy.
and yet we unrefined,
make you, well… not .

you disappear, so stealthy,
while we drink and dine.
we love you, a lot.

definitely had a sophomore year of high school flashback. and yes, i needed to look up how to write an ode. not sure if this counts, but we’ll just run with it. so it should be of  no surprise to many of you that we love brussels sprouts. we’ve written about them a few times. james loves them in shaved raw salads with citrus and some other stuff. i’m really not partial to that, and love them oven baked with olive oil and salt & pepper. they are just such a versatile veggie. and not to mention, so cute. little cabbages!

anyway, months and months ago, i celebrated my friend’s birthday at a boston restaurant – K.O. Prime. it is a delicious steakhouse right near the boston commons, and if i had a million dollars i’d probably eat there on the reg. i ended up ordering a NY strip with a side order of maple bacon brussels sprouts. and let me tell you, those brussels sprouts changed my life. so stinking delicious. i  potentially thought i was going to melt into a puddle of happiness in the restaurant. and even had to restrain myself to not eat all of them so i could bring some home for james to try too! is that love or what? lucky man, i tell ya!

now, because i can’t afford to eat delicious steaks in fancy-shmancy restaurants, i decided that i was going to figure out how to make these at home. best decision of my entire life. better than deciding to go to grad school. better than deciding to date mr. james. better than deciding to cut my hair super short the day before my college graduation. OH WAIT! that was the worst decision of my entire life. i still have not recovered from that nightmare.


look at that short hair. AH! oh and introducing, aunt beth & grandma


and so with that, i’d like to present to you dear friends, the recipe for the most delicious brussels sprouts. bring these to thanksgiving. repeat after me: BRING THESE TO THANKSGIVING! (you will be the most popular person there! hands down.)

p.s. leave it to us to make a healthy veggie, not healthy!

maple bacon brussels sprouts
yields 3 cups

3 cups brussels sprouts, cleaned and halved
3 tbls olive oil
salt & pepper, to taste

5 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled
4 tbs butter, room temp
2 tsp thyme
1 1/2 tbs maple syrup

preheat oven to 400

step 1) on a large baking sheet, toss your brussels sprouts with the olive oil, salt and pepper until thoroughly covered.

step 2) pop those suckers in the oven for a total of 35 minutes.
baker’s note: somewhere in between roasting your brussels sprouts, take them out and give them a quick toss.

while your brussels sprouts are roasting, prep your maple bacon butter.

step 3) in a small-medium mixing bowl, add all your ingredients – room temp butter, crumbled (cooked) bacon, maple syrup, and thyme – and give them a good mixing.

step 4) when the brussels sprouts are finished, take them off the baking sheet and add them to a medium-large mixing bowl. while hot, add your maple bacon butter mixture, and toss them all together.

step 5) grab a fork, and taste! and, what ever you do, try to resist eating the whole thing by yourself.






  1. Fran says

    YUM. This looks so good. The next time that you go up to Burlington, drive down route 7 into Shelburne and stop at Harrington’s to buy a pack of their famous smoked bacon to put in your brussels sprouts…it’s the best thing ever! (Then you can drive further down the road so James can taste the Fiddlehead IPA at the brewery and pick up a bottle of ice cider at the vineyard to take home for a special occasion!)


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