{beer review} wolaver’s fine organic ales – alta gracia coffee porter


i am not a coffee drinker and i have never been. i just never really got into it. up until the beginning of january i had no clue how to actually make a cup of coffee. but ali graciously taught me…i think so i could make her coffee in the morning. 

so you can imagine my surprise when i found a coffee porter from vermont’s wolaver’s brewery in my fridge mixed in with a bunch of other beers. where in the world did it come from? was it a subtle ploy by ali to get me to like coffee in some form, in the hope that i would transform into a full-fledged coffee drinker? i still have no clue. but i figured it would make for a good blog post so here we are. 


a note about the brewery: wolaver’s fine organic ales is a certified organic brewery located in vermont and believes in brewing quality beers in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible way. they are a leader in the organic brewing community and the vermont community as a whole. they just do things the right way and take pride in that fact. they have a good IPA and a really good oatmeal stout that i have had previously and would gladly have again. but the alta gracia coffee porter will not be making another appearance in my life. it is a very well-made beer but it was cursed from the start. i simply do not like the taste of coffee, and this beer is coffee through and through.


-appearance: poured into a glass the beer looks black and opaque. if light hits it the right way it may appear a dark and deep red/ruby color, almost like the color of a serious bruise. there is a small tan head on the top of the beer that melts away into a thin film of foam on the surface. not much lacing to speak of.

-smell: it smells just like the coffee aisle at the grocery store. just a punch of aroma, like opening up a bag of coffee beans and stinking your face right inside. i may not like the taste of coffee but the smell is very pleasant and warming. there are some faint chocolate and vanilla notes, some freshly roasted smells to it. 

-taste: the taste follows the nose. i have had sips of coffee before and i remember them tasting much like this beer. dark black coffee flavors up front with roasted malt and very faint hints of vanilla to finish. the sweetness brings some balance to the intense bitter coffee flavor to start. ali tried the beer and seemed to really like it. i did not because i hate the taste of coffee. if you are a coffee drinker, the intensity of the coffee may be normal for you. either way, it is nicely balanced and very flavorful.

-overall: this beer obviously is not my cup of tea coffee (hilarious joke). i would have been shocked if i enjoyed it, but like i said ali is a coffee drinker and enjoyed this beer. every site i have looked through online rates this beer pretty highly and most people think it is an exceptional coffee porter. but i am not most people. but i still have faith in wolaver’s, their mission, and their beers that are not coffee-centric. so find their beer and give one a try.



{weekend review} new jersey wedding weekend

as mentioned yesterday, we are a bit behind in our blogging for the week because we were down in new jersey celebrating the wedding of ali’s cousin with all of her family. it was such a fun time filled with eating, drinking, dancing, and laughing. here are some of the iPhone pictures we were able to snap throughout the weekend. unfortunately these few pictures don’t capture the weekend in its full epicness…missing is a picture of the prosciutto tower, the gelato or martini bars, the perfectly executed pitch perfect tribute dance, or the beauty and love that was on display all weekend. but hopefully these pictures will do.

enjoying our first wedding as a married couple
Enjoying our first wedding as a married couple


Ali's fancy shoes
Ali’s fancy shoes


Ali and her cousin RJ
Ali and her cousin RJ


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.58.23 PM
Our dinner table
Family on the way to the wedding
Family on the way to the wedding
On our way to party
On our way to party

 we hope your weekend was as wonderful as ours.