life lately..

September 28th, 2014

life lately has taken on a whole new role. we are less than two weeks before the big day, i’m starting my first year teaching, and james is maintaining both work & home. i feel like some days we are just trying to keep our heads above water. then there are the moments, when we both realized, shit! we haven’t blogged in almost two months. 

it stinks when something you love has to take a back seat for a while — just to make time for everything and everyone else. but we wanted to share at least what we’ve been up to the last two months. which is mostly focused on the WEDDING! enjoy.



snapshot from newport, ri & my bachelorette




wedding invites, almost ready to go.



the bride diet – zucchini noodles



masques to get our skin, squeaky clean.





after. signs for lawn games.


tokens for the big day. you’ll see!


the second set of table numbers, cause i woke up hating the first set!


there is lots more going on. can’t wait to share with you!




August 4th, 2014


i can’t believe how quickly time has passed. in just about 2 months, i’ll be walking down the aisle to my real life prince charming! eek! i know the day will be perfect no matter what, but one of the most important things to me when planning this was our wedding photography. i want the pictures to really capture our love and all the beautiful elements we have planned. and, i also really want us looking out best in those captured moments.


one way, i’ve been trying to make that happen is by taking extra great care of my skin. besides the daily washing and moisturizing, i was told by a friend that a great face oil is a must in your daily (nightly) routine. they help nourish and revitalize your skin, helping it look brighter. but, i hadn’t quite found one that fit my needs. i needed one that felt light on my skin with only a hint of a scent. luckily, i found PLANT ØÅ Face Oil! A face oil made specifically for combination skin.

ØÅ (pronounced “oo”, as in book, then “oh”) leaves your skin feeling hydrated and nourished. the scent is reminiscent of citrus-ginger, but it is in no way over-powering. the oil itself has a bright orange color to it, and while you only use 3-4 drops at time, i feel like my skin looked immediately brighter after applying. when applied correctly, its not too oily and leaves a wonderful moisturized feeling. lately, because i’m not in school, i’ve been just using this on my skin and adding a few swipes of mascara – then i’m good to go. it’s definitely a product that i’ll be adding into my routine, in preparation for the big day!




{ ØÅ Face Oil was provided by PLANT for review. All opinions are my own.}

cheers x



bottoms up: angry arnold palmer cocktail

July 5th, 2014

angry arnold palmer


it’s 4th of july weekend. and in boston, that pretty much means the whole city migrates down to the cape. this was the perfect opportunity for james and i to really focus on our new place and get everything unpacked and squared away before my family’s annual beach week trip. 

at this point in the move, we’re about 85% done. we finally got our living room furniture and new bedroom dresser. but we’re still in the market for a small dining room set and 1-2 accent chairs. now, because we’ve got most of our stuff down, we were able to really enjoy saturday with fun errands like the liquor store and whole food flower department to stock up on necessities. obviously. 


owl's brew


while looking for a new bloody mary mix, i  stumbled upon  owl’s brew – classic . this is a tea specifically made for cocktails, it’s a little stronger than homemade and is infused with lemon and lime. when i saw it, i immediately remembered that i wanted to concoct a version of the angry arnold palmer cocktail that i had a few night ago. while this isn’t an exact match, it’s one that i would happily drink on warm summer days while relaxing with my husband-to-be. 

angry arnold palmer cocktail
yields 1 cocktail

1 1/2 oz vodka
2 oz lemonade
2 oz  owl’s brew – classic (tea)
glass: tom collins 

step 1) in a cocktail shaker, add ice, vodka and lemonade. shake well.

step 2) in a tom collins glass, add more ice. pour lemonade/vodka mixture. top off with owl’s brew – classic (tea).

step 3) bottoms up!


angry arnold palmer 2


cheers x



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