{cocktail} elder fashioned


believe it or not, this cocktail does not have any whiskey/bourbon/rye in it! but it is a drink that is a riff on the old fashioned and follows the basic ideas used in the classic cocktail. this is a lighter version that you may find more appropriate for the spring and summer months instead of the colder months…the warming and spicy aspects of the bourbon or rye are replaced with bright, fresh, floral aspects of gin and elderflower liqeur. i can absolutely picture myself mixing these up when the weather changes. and again, i cannot thank the death & co cocktail book enough for showing me this delicious drink. 


elder fasioned (recipe courtesy of Death & Co. Cocktail Book)

2 oz gin (we used plymouth gin)
1/2 oz st. germain liquer
1 dash orange bitters

1. stir all ingredient in a mixing glass with ice
2. strain over ice in a rocks glass and garnish with a grapefruit twist
3. enjoy



{beer review} pretty things beer and ale project – fluffy white rabbits

I wanted to be super artsy and start with a Black and White photo.


pretty things beer and ale project was one of the first breweries that i really fell in love with. they were one of the first breweries that i consciously paid attention to and looked for at bars and liquor stores. whenever i saw a new beer of theirs i immediately had to buy it and when i was stuck in a beer rut i always found solace in one of their 22 ounce bottles. 


it is difficult to choose my favorite pretty things beer. they produce a high quality IPA, saison, brown ale, russian imperial stout…something that will suit any mood you find yourself in. but with warmer weather right around the corner (snow, please melt immediately!) there are few beers that fit the spring season better than their tripel style beer fluffy white rabbits. 


-appearance: the beer poured into an over-sized wine glass is a clear straw-golden color topped with an inch-thick white/light cream head. good retention on top of the beer and the head leaves very nice lacing on the glass. 

-smell: apple, pear, faint lemon. sugary candy. you definitely get a hint of alcohol and spices. grassy and earthy hops. yeast and light malts. 

-taste: some sweetness and yeast flavors. elements of spices are definitely apparent, as well as the grassy/earthiness of the hops used in the beer. a very nice and pleasant interaction between the yeast+malt+hops, with some of the faint fruit flavors cascading in. definitely less sweet than a lot of tripels i have had. very complex…it transitions from flavors seamlessly and is very delicious. some bite from the alcohol but in a way that balances out the yeast and malt tastes. 

-overall: a poem to show my love for this beer: if the cold and snow has got you down, and you see a bottle of fluffy white rabbits hopping around, pick it up and drink it slow, and onward to springtime is where you will go.