{Beer Review} Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Nooner Pilsner


Few things are better than a well-made, clean, crisp, refreshing pilsner. A balanced and tasty pilsner (or any lager for that matter) shows great skill and knowledge, and an ability to execute on a traditional and tricky beer style. California’s Sierra Nevada Brewing is a leader in the craft beer community that consistently delivers great offerings in every beer style you could possibly want. I could probably devote an entire month to drinking a different Sierra Nevada beer every day and be a very happy person. but today i highlight one of their more recent offerings: Nooner Pilsner.


-Appearance: Pale straw/golden color with what looks like a good amount of carbonation. Carbonation bubbles fly from the bottom of the beer glass to the top. Very little head to the top of the beer which yields a bit of lacing but nothing of any real significance.

-Smell: Good amount of floral/earthy hops. Some spicy bitter hop aroma; breadiness and pale malt smells; grass and yeast smells. The beer smells like most pilsners I have had, but maybe with a little more hop aroma.

-Taste: Floral hop and spicy hop bitterness, much like the nose of the beer. Faint citrus flavors. Grassy and earthy. You definitely do get the malt flavors – light toast, crackers, dry. Very balanced, very crisp and refreshing.

-Overall: A winner. A beer that I could easily drink on a warm spring or summer day…sitting outside, enjoying the weather, cooling down with a bottle or two of nooner pilsner. It is a very drinkable beer and proof that a very traditional style of beer still has a place in the “craft beer scene”.



#newnewhome – living room/bar

welcome home

If you keep up with us on instagram, you know that we moved. We ended up finding an apartment 1 block from our old space and were able to get in much earlier than expected. When first walking through the door, I was almost in tears because I was sure I’d never love this new place like our first home. It didn’t have the beautiful fireplace or the old school pine floors and it has a much smaller kitchen! *gasp* But what it does have is quickly outweighing everything that our old apartment had and this unexpected move truly was a blessing in disguise for us. 

We have about 200 more sq. ft. and it feels like we’ve moved into a mansion! There is so much room for impromptu dance parties decorating and making the space our own. It also has a large deck off the kitchen and a small back yard with a patio and GRASS! Our very own little green space in a cinderblock of a city – this is almost unheard of. Yes, I am truly loving this new place, and looking forward to what it has in store for us. 

Now, while the space is very much in flux, we’ve worked really hard in getting the upstairs space settled as soon as possible – especially the living room/bar area. We wanted to create a space that was relaxing and inviting. What we’ve been able to accomplish in only a week has left me feeling thrilled about this new space.

Welcome to our #newnewhome!

living room 1


We’ve opted not to have a TV upstairs and strictly use it as an entertainment area. This floor plan really creates  an open and breezy feel, especially when we have the windows and deck doors open. You should also know that we are only 3 blocks away from the beach, so having the ocean breeze is helpful! I do have to add that neither of us are in love with that monster of a fireplace in the corner. If anyone has ideas on how to try and mask its size – we’re all ears.



For the bar, we stumbled upon the Stockholm Sideboard from IKEA. It had the perfect amount of storage and was sleek enough to fit into the space without feeling overwhelming or ruining the open feel of the layout. We were about to pay full price, when I opted to take a stroll through the As-Is section – and what do you know… I found it there for almost half off because it was missing a piece of hardware and had a few tiny scratches. I then took it upon myself to dig in the hardware bin, and found said missing piece. Talk about some unexpected luck!



bar tray



It’s definitely still a work a progress, but for now I am feeling right at home! 

Interested in some of the pieces? We’ve listed them below.
couch – mayer sofa  (on sale!)
chair – mayer chair (sold out)
coffee table – vittsjo coffee table (spray painted gold & white)
lamp – ranarp floor lamp
coffee table tray – vintage. (similar)
bookcase – vittsjo bookshelf  (spray painted gold)
silver frames – ribba 
bar - stockholm sideboard
bar tray – nate berkus tray
marble fruit bowl – crate & barrel fruit bowl
paintings & doodles – yours truly