interiors: bedroom inspiration

Well we’ve been in our new space for almost two months, and now that summer has officially begun I’ve got a ton on my to-do list for this place! One of the main things being… the master bedroom!

One of the things we’ve gained in this new home is space! Our old apartment had tiny, and I mean TINY, bedrooms. So small we could only fit a bed and tall dresser. At the time it wasn’t that big of a deal because we were just there for sleeping. But now… flash forward to our new master bedroom…we have all this space and I’m literally overloaded with ideas. Overall, my vision is “comfy, cozy”. I want to create a room that warrants lazy Sunday mornings spent cuddling or Saturday afternoons spent reading a good book. But as it stands now.. its just a little blah! 

To kickstart my inspiration, I’ve gathered some of the comfiest beds via pinterest. I literally want to lay in each of these, totally starfished and under the covers. Ha! bed collage

Some of the trends I’m noticing regarding these images.

Whites: Mostly white linens – which luckily for us is what we have. Although, I really need to learn how to keep them extra white. {please share all ideas}.

Greens: Plants. Plants. Plants.  Most of these rooms have something growing in them, helping to add a touch of color but also clean the air. 

Clean Cut: Theres not a ton going on in these spaces. Precise but limited decorating. Nothing feels chaotic or overdone.

Accent Tables: Many of these rooms host a cute accent table. We actually just bought two from IKEA, and plan on hacking them up so they aren’t so boring. (Another project on my list)

Artwork/Frames: While many of these rooms are simply designed, there are some pieces of artwork or framed images hanging in the space.

Light: All of these rooms seem to be blessed with a lot of natural light. This is something that hard to come by seeing as our bedroom is on the garden level and has one window opening to our shady backyard. We may need to get creative here. 

What are some pieces you need to have in your space to keep it comfy and cozy? Share your ideas. I’d love to hear what you think!

cheers x

{beer review} left hand brewing company – sawtooth ale nitro


If you have never tried a beer “on nitro” then you are missing out. It may sound fancy but “nitro” simply refers to the type of gas used in the carbonation process of beer brewing. As opposed to a traditional beer that is largely made up of carbon dioxide, a beer on “nitro” uses predominantly nitrogen gas in order to carbonate the beer. This yields a smoother, less bubbly, creamier beer that I have grown to love. If you see a beer tap with a long black spout thing attached to it, you have yourself a beer that is pumped full of nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide…so be on the lookout.

Left Hand Brewing Company out of Colorado, however, has mastered the science of bottling a nitrogen beer (you can find some canned beers that have a nitrogen ball inside). I first tried their Nitro Milk Stout a couple years ago and absolutely loved it…it was unlike any other bottle of beer I had tried before. So recently I figured I should give another of their nitro offerings a chance to see how the bottling technique translated to an ale rather than a stout. So today I have for you a review for their Sawtooth Ale Nitro.


-Appearance: first off, the bottle instructs you to pour the beer “hard” by turning it completely upside down into a glass. No worrying about pouring on the side of a glass to minimize foam. Part of the uniqueness of a nitro beer is the cascading effect you get of the beer falling and the foam rising to the top of the glass. The beer is quite dark and somewhat opaque, maybe a dark amber/brown. It is adorned with a finger of cream/white-colored head that slowly dissolves into a thin film on top of the liquid. If you pour the beer correctly then you are in for a show. 

-Smell: the aroma is mostly of toasted malts and bread. Faint hints of chocolate and caramel. No real hop smell. Overall, this is a pretty tame beer in terms of aroma.

-Taste: similar to the smell. Malt forward and some faint sweetness of chocolate and caramel. There is some breadiness and yeast to the flavor profile as well. Towards the end there is some grassy and earthy hop bitterness but nothing that is really all that recognizable. In no way could anyone describe this beer as hop forward or bitter…the toasted malts combined with some slight sweetness shine through as the stars.

-Overall: a good beer and a nice way to show the nitro style. I am curious to try the regular sawtooth ale to compare it to the nitro offering to see what similarities and differences there are. My preference will always be to get a nitro beer on tap at a bar, but having the ability to pick this beer up or their milk stout at a local liquor store and have the nitro experience at home is always a good thing.