{cocktail} the 1794

the 1794 1

it’s friday. and that means it’s time for a cocktail. or at least a recipe, depending on when you’re reading this. if early morning, you may just want to stick to tea or coffee. get through the day first. or just make a cocktail. we aren’t going to judge.

a couple months ago, james tried a cocktail that commemorates the whiskey rebellion in 1794. the name… the 1794. at the time he had no idea the history behind this drink, he just asked the bartender what he would be drinking if he was not working and this is what was mixed up and put in front of james. it was a simple preparation and presentation but it was not a simple tasting drink.

it is a distant “cousin” to a traditional negroni cocktail which is normally made with gin and a variation of boulevardier, which is made with bourbon. now, james really liked this drink the first time he tried it, which is obvious since he insisted on re-creating it at home.

this is a bit of a spicy and bitter drink – using a base of rye whiskey and campari – and pulls no punches as its a drink that is all alcohol. the sweet vermouth evens out the bitterness a bit and creates a rye drink that can be enjoyed during these cold winter months. and honestly, it is a very easy drink to make that may impress your friends…not many people know  it or have heard of the drink. so step out of your comfort zone and mix this drink up and tell us what you think. 

1794 cocktail

download: the 1794

{beauty} daily skin care – for men

Clinque Men Line-up

yesterday ali brought you up to speed on her new daily skin care regimen. which means today i get to talk all about my new manly way of keeping my skin looking fresh and healthy. like ali, i had a pretty easy time with my skin growing up. i never really had any sort of routine aside from washing my face in the shower and occasionally using some sort of moisturizer when my skin felt dry in the winter. but i am getting older (yeah, it sucks) and have come to the realization that before i know it i will be a wrinkly mess if i don’t take proper care of my skin and my face. 

so one of the new habits i have been trying to foster since the new year is to follow a skin care routine in the morning and evening where i really take care of my face and my skin: washing my face with a quality face wash, exfoliating my skin with a skin tonic and finishing it off with a moisturizing lotion. and i even went one step further…i am admittedly someone who, in the past, did not shave regularly (see this previous blog post for evidence) but i am now using a quality shaving soap and razor on a daily basis. hopefully all of these steps assure that i don’t look like an old baseball glove by the time i turn 40.

i have honestly grown to really enjoy the morning and nightly routine. my skin feels and looks fresher and more vibrant and i like to think i am turning back the hands of father time. 

face wash

Clinique Face Wash is the first face wash i have ever used. it is a gentle, thorough cleanser that leaves my skin feeling fresh, comfortable, never tight or dry. 


Clinique Exfoliating Tonic is a daily exfoliator that de-flakes and smooths my skin. before i started using this ali said she could see my pores and this helps to unclog them and minimizes oil build-up.

 Moisturizing Lotion

Clinique Moisturizing Lotion delivers all-day moisture plus skin-strengthening ingredients. and fortunately it doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy or gunky. 


ShaeMoisture Three Butters Utility Soap is now my go-to body soap and is what i use instead of shaving cream. it is an all-in-one cleanser for face, body and hair. the soap is specially formulated with ultra-moisturizing Shea, Cocoa, Mango and Avocado Butters to remove sweat and dirt while cleansing hair and skin without stripping away natural oils. not to mention the smell is phenomenal – even ali likes it.