bottoms up: angry arnold palmer cocktail

July 5th, 2014

angry arnold palmer


it’s 4th of july weekend. and in boston, that pretty much means the whole city migrates down to the cape. this was the perfect opportunity for james and i to really focus on our new place and get everything unpacked and squared away before my family’s annual beach week trip. 

at this point in the move, we’re about 85% done. we finally got our living room furniture and new bedroom dresser. but we’re still in the market for a small dining room set and 1-2 accent chairs. now, because we’ve got most of our stuff down, we were able to really enjoy saturday with fun errands like the liquor store and whole food flower department to stock up on necessities. obviously. 


owl's brew


while looking for a new bloody mary mix, i  stumbled upon  owl’s brew – classic . this is a tea specifically made for cocktails, it’s a little stronger than homemade and is infused with lemon and lime. when i saw it, i immediately remembered that i wanted to concoct a version of the angry arnold palmer cocktail that i had a few night ago. while this isn’t an exact match, it’s one that i would happily drink on warm summer days while relaxing with my husband-to-be. 

angry arnold palmer cocktail
yields 1 cocktail

1 1/2 oz vodka
2 oz lemonade
2 oz  owl’s brew – classic (tea)
glass: tom collins 

step 1) in a cocktail shaker, add ice, vodka and lemonade. shake well.

step 2) in a tom collins glass, add more ice. pour lemonade/vodka mixture. top off with owl’s brew – classic (tea).

step 3) bottoms up!


angry arnold palmer 2


cheers x




moving: it’s for the birds

July 3rd, 2014

oy vey! it’s both a terribly exciting and stressful time. i love the newness that comes with getting organized and settled in a new home. but the packing and moving that is expected before is just the worst. 

anyway, lately we’ve been burried up to our eyeballs in boxes and bubble wrap. and eating out… a lot! in case you don’t follow us on instagram - here are some snapshots from the past week and all the fun chaos!






















color block bookshelf





cheers x



{diy} framed “wipe” board

June 27th, 2014

diy 1


seeing our week at a glance is a vital thing for us. lately it seems like everything is go, go, go. trips, vacations, end of school, moving, etc. so it’s really helpful for us to have one specific place to write down plans or “don’t forgets”.

now rewind to a year ago, when i rescued this frame from the garbage when our roommate moved out. it wasn’t a terribly decorative frame or one of extremely high quality, but it was a frame with a pane of glass and i couldn’t let it get thrown away. you say “hoarder”, i say “repurpose-er”. 


original frame


well, yesterday was my 1st day of summer, and i finally decided to tackle a quick diy project to help us stay organized for this summer. i turned this unassuming frame into a “wipe” board. because it has a glass pane, i can write on it with dry erase markers, and easily wipe it off with a damp paper towel. now, i should state that i’m not totally in-love with how it came out. feels kind of blah. so my plan is to re-do it after the move with nicer paper and printing for the inserts. but it works for what we need right now.




things you need
frame with glass pane and back board
gold spray paint
painters tape
newsprint paper
week at a glance, created by yours truly
backdrop material/paper
glue & modge podge
cheap sponge brush
dry erase marker

step 1. remove picture and backboard from frame.

step 2. i couldn’t remove the glass pane due to the wiring of the frame. so i used newsprint and painters tape to make sure that i thoroughly covered the glass before spray painting. first taping around the edges, then adding paper to cover the center and taping again.


set up


step 3. spray paint desired color. i’m seriously on a gold kick right now. i have the midas touch with a spray can! 

step 4. allow it to dry. while drying -download & print your week at a glance pdf!

step 5. once your frame is dry, remove any newsprint and tape. then take your week at a glance, and adhere (with glue) each piece  to your desired backdrop. i.e. craft paper, extra material, etc. 

step 6. next take your sponge brush and modge podge and go over the entire insert. you don’t want a huge thick layer of the stuff. just enough so it stays put and looks put together.

step 7. dry. dry. dry.

step 8. insert back into frame and replace backboard. hang it up!


diy wipe board





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